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The Difference Between Semi and Fully Adjustable Articulators


I had a chance recently to talk about articulators with a technician who was still a bit confused about the idea of fully...

Temperature, Chemistry, Physics and Your Lab

All right, it is that time of year when all things are HOT! If you have seen the heat map of the US in the last week, red is...

Consistent Reactions Require Consistent Conditions

 OK Folks…this is the time of year when things in the lab start going haywire. We do not think much about it, but when the...

3D Printing: If You Relocate, You Must Recalibrate

Calibration is the result of comparing something to a known standard, then bringing the item into sync with the standard.


5 Obstacles to Overcome When Coloring Zirconia

Coloring zirconia can be a tricky proposition when using white zirconia discs, so many technicians have resorted to the...

15 Terms Dental Technicians Should Know About 3D Printing Technology

Terms are interesting in dentistry. Do you remember all of these? PFM, PBM, FGC, FVC, PJC, PVC.

In many cases, the term you...

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