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Print…Clean…Rinse and Repeat…The VeriWash provides Simplicity, Consistency and Visibility

 The humble washing machine is an appliance that we often take for granted. Common in most homes throughout the world, the...

3D Printed Models vs Gypsum Models

The decades old method of capturing a patient’s tooth morphology and related oral structures has involved taking a physical...

Women in Dental Manufacturing

WMC Profiles – Strength in leadership

Why the Asiga Pro4K 3D Printer?

As many of you already know, there are plenty of production printers available to dental laboratories out there however, the

How to Write an Effective Blog

Most companies that offer content to their customers send out blog posts fairly regularly because they can be a useful tool...

Why 3D Print Resin Physical Properties Matter

Physical properties are the characteristics that determine how a 3D print resin appears and performs. There are numerous...

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