The average American household spends 9.6 hours preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. While you are waiting for this mouthwatering food to be ready, wow your family and friends with your knowledge of these 10 fun trivia questions.


1. What do Thanksgiving and “Mary Had a Little Lamb” have in common?

You can give thanks to one woman for both. Sarah Josepha Hale, an activist and poet, successfully convinced President Abraham Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. She also wrote the famous poem “Mary Had a Little Lamb”.

2. How many turkeys do Americans prepare on Thanksgiving each year?

Each year, Americans cook 46 million turkeys or 704 million pounds of turkey. Gobble gobble til you wobble.

3. How many calls does Butterball answer during the year?

Each year, Butterball answers 100,000 turkey related questions through their hotline.

4. What percentage of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

A whopping 88% of Americans enjoy turkey each year.

5. What do Americans think is the best part of Thanksgiving?

Surprisingly, 80% of Americans prefer the leftovers to the actual dinner.

6. The day after Thanksgiving, (Black Friday) is the busiest day of the year for what profession?

Black Friday is not just for retailers, it is also the busiest day for plumbers. Kitchen drains, garbage disposals, and toilets all require more attention the day after Thanksgiving.

7. What is the most hated Thanksgiving dish?

Tofu is the most disliked dish served on Thanksgiving.

8. What movie had the largest opening on Thanksgiving of any other movie?

Frozen had the largest opening pulling in $93 million domestically. We can’t just Let it Go!

9. What football team has played every Thanksgiving since 1945?

The Detroit Lions have played a game every Thanksgiving since 1945. The tradition began in 1934 by former owner George A. Richards and they have played every year except 1939-1944 due to World War II.

10. How much weight do Americans gain during the holidays?

The average American only gains 1-2 pounds during the holidays. Although the scale may go up by 5-10 pounds temporarily, you likely only gained a few so chow down and enjoy.

Your friends here at Whip Mix wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating all there is to be thankful for! May your Thanksgiving be full of good food and even better company.

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