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Why the Asiga Pro4K 3D Printer?

As many of you already know, there are plenty of production printers available to dental laboratories out there however, the

How to Write an Effective Blog

Most companies that offer content to their customers send out blog posts fairly regularly because they can be a useful tool...

Why 3D Print Resin Physical Properties Matter

Physical properties are the characteristics that determine how a 3D print resin appears and performs. There are numerous...

Things You Need To Know About Print Resins

Before you pull the trigger on incorporating a 3D printer into your digital workflow, there are several things that you need...

What’s New in 3Shape Dental System 2021

3Shape is constantly evolving with useful and practical upgrades and additions to their innovative scanner software. As a...

The Importance of Records in Diagnostic & Treatment Planning

What value do records bring to diagnostic and treatment planning?

Accurate records taken in the course of a diagnostic and...

Printing Digital Diagnostic Models from 3Shape and Trios Scans

3D printing has changed the way we make just about everything today. Join us in this webinar as Al Fillastre, CDT covers the...

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