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Digital Dentures… Affordable. Accurate.     Here to Stay!

I began my journey in the dental industry back in 1993, my junior year of high school at Fort Hayes, a vocational school in...

Fun Facts for the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports

The Run for the Roses, better known as the Kentucky Derby, is almost here and Louisville is busy readying itself for the influx...

The Roaring 20’s, RPD Style

One thing about this industry that I find so intriguing is how technology develops and advances different aspects of our...

Social Media and Your Business: How, Why, and When to Use It

Social media… some people love it, some people hate it, but the reality is over 3.78 billion people use social media daily (48%...

Fighting Bug Poop!

Since the Covid pandemic started, some dental patients are becoming concerned about bacteria.  This new awareness of the link...

The Value of Digital Technical Support

What is the value of technical support?

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