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What Gypsum Materials Should I Use; Stone or Plaster - and When?

Sometimes choosing what type of gypsum materials to use, given the many choices on the market, can be difficult. Usually the...

3 Common Things to Check If Your Xcavator Is Not Divesting Properly

The most common call I receive regarding the Xcavator is that the ring did not divest properly. There are several things...

Why Is My Gypsum Behaving Strangely?

As someone who has worked with many dental gypsum products, I have encountered all types of issues from changing working...

Replacing the Drive Nut on a VPM2 & VPMmini Vac-U-Mixer

The VPM2 and VPMmini Vac-U-Mixer feature a plastic cross shaped drive nut, which is designed to wear out over time. Its...

General Maintenance of the Vac-U-Mixer Unit

The Vac-U-Mixer is the complete assembly consisting of the lid, paddle shaft assembly and bowl. Since it is such a workhorse...

Water Bath Maintenance and Care

The Whip Mix Water Bath, be it the older analog or digital version, will require routine preventative maintenance from time...

Selecting the Right Wax for Dental Applications

There are a number of different waxes used in the dental industry and how and when you use them is determined by a number of...


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