Need to fix the wiring in the hood of the VPM2? Then follow these instructions . . .

Before removing any connections, it is always a good idea to take a picture of the wiring configuration.

Wiring VMP Hood Blog 1

  1. Logic board with overlay attached. Insert the ribbon through the opening, taking care not to twist it. Then attach the harness to the pins on board carefully so you don't bend the wires.

    Wiring VMP Hood Blog 2
  2. Attach the 4-wire harness connecting the pump and the

    Wiring VMP Hood Blog 3
  3. Attach the power harness consisting of 5 wires.

    Wiring VMP Hood Blog 4
  4. Attach the motor driver board harness (2 wire) and encoder harness (3 wire).

    Note that all harnesses are inserted in a direction with wires leading to the bottom of the hood. They only insert in one direction, so it should be straight forward.

    Wiring VMP Hood Blog 5
  5. Finally, attach the black tube to the vacuum sensor. All connections should now be in place.

  6. Reattach the hood to test unit for functionality.



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