During slower times in the lab and the clinic, it is important to consider our expensive investments . . . the lab's equipment. If our equipment is being turned off for long periods, there are some things we can do to keep them is good working order until use picks up. Each has their own characteristics that should be looked at separately.

Some items, like an electric waxer or vibrator, can simply be left off or unplugged. However, something like a porcelain oven should still be left on and in night mode. For example, the Whip Mix Pro200 and Pro 100 series have a default night mode of 150°C. It is a good idea to keep the unit on and in this mode even if the facility is closed. Do not turn the unit off and unplug it. The 150° will help keep moisture out of the muffle and help prolong the life of the furnace. Your Jelrus Burnout furnaces however have no default night mode, so they should be turned off and unplugged, if not in use for long periods. Just remember to keep the door closed to minimize dust accumulation.

Another piece of equipment that might need attention - depending on how long it is not used - is the Aquaspense SL. Specifically, the liquid side can have crystal growth in the hoses and the bottle, due to the nature of the colloidal silica in the liquid. If you find you need to shut the  unit off when closed or you will not be using phosphate investments for some time, you can replace the colloidal liquid on the right side with distilled water. This will keep the unit functional when weighing gypsum or keeping the liquid from crystallizing in the in the cap assembly. Just remember to use the  “purge liquid” option once the water has been replaced on the liquid side.   This will flush the hoses and minimize crystal growth in them. Remember to also periodically calibrate the scale two times in a row with a known 1000 grams  weight. (Two times ensures the correct calibration will take in the software.)

Items like mixers and model trimmers can be simply unplugged if not in use for extended period.

In the case of the Powermixer Plus and Combination Unit, it is a good idea - once work resumes - to run the unit for 2 to 3 minutes to fully lubricate the pump area and purge any humidity that may have accumulated.

Hopefully downtime will be brief, but if not, the above tips will help ensure a smooth transition when opening, with your equipment in good working order.



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