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How to Utilize the Esthetic CrossRef in the Dental Lab


The Esthetic CrossRef Centered Bite Record or CrossRef for short, is a useful tool for translating the patient’s midline and horizontal plane chair side. This allows critical information to be sent to the lab in order for them to create a more visually pleasing restoration. All too often, information regarding characteristics of the patient bite, which are valuable guides for fabrication, are not captured. Ultimately this could lead to extensive modification of the prosthesis or worse, reveal the need for a complete remake.

What Is A Medical Device?

What Is a Medical Device  (1)

This question has been asked many times by persons that are unsure if their product is a medical device. In the past, some companies have played the ostrich game and believed as long as no one asked then everything was alright. Today, that mind-frame could be a major risk depending on the product and who is asking the questions. If one were to query the FDA database for their definition of a medical device the following definition would be found;

The Benefits of Being a TRIOS® Ready Dental Lab


Becoming a digital dental lab does come with challenges, but once the transition is complete the possibilities it brings are endless. One of those benefits include the ability to become a TRIOS® Ready dental lab. A TRIOS® Ready lab is a dental lab that is certified as a lab that is fully prepared to receive and handle digital impressions sent from clinics using the 3Shape TRIOS®.

New Regulations for Dental Labs Conducting Business in Kentucky

know (2) resized 600

Effective June 18th, 2014, The Kentucky Board of Dentistry is requiring all dental laboratories doing business in Kentucky to register with the Kentucky Board of Dentistry. In addition, all Kentucky dentists are required to only use the services of a commercial dental laboratory registered with the Kentucky Board of Dentistry. 

Born in the USA


I'm proud to be part of the Whip Mix Corporation. We are a family-owned company and will celebrate our 95th birthday this September. Most of you know that we have two manufacturing plants here in the states; our primary location being in Louisville, KY and our second in Ft. Collins, CO. 


So I have a printed crown pattern, now what?


Burnout patterns for casting or pressing are becoming more and more popular as 3D printing grows in the dental laboratory. Savings on labor and time, coupled with increased productivity and accuracy make the technology attractive to labs of every size. The new 3D System’s ProJet 1200 tabletop printer prints burnout patterns made of a resin material. It has a specific technique to follow.

Applying Lean Tools for Success

Lean Tools

The application of Lean concepts in the lab is supported by a rather large box of Lean tools. The tools range from simple to sophisticated, meaning that the more simple ones are well suited to application by the labs just learning about Lean. As Lean skill and culture is developed, the lab can move on to using the more advanced tools.

Tips For Taking Impressions of Patients With Jaw Pain

Impression Tips patients jaw pain resized 600

With more than 10 million Americans suffering from orofacial pain, alternative methods for completing dental procedures in order to accommodate sensitive patients are necessary.1,2 Orofacial pain, specifically jaw pain, can present in a variety of forms, including restricted mouth opening, pain while moving the jaw or mouth, and fatigue while the mouth is open. However, many patients suffering from these problems still require impressions for different dental procedures.

On the 70th Anniversary of D-Day

D Day 1 resized 600

When D-Day took place on June 6, 1944, America had already been at war for two and a half long years. By then almost 11.4 million U.S. men and women were serving our country in the military here and abroad.


How 3D Printing Can Benefit Your Dental Lab [In 150 Words]

PJ1200 Angle01 resized 600

Technology in the dental industry is rapidly evolving. The newest wave is additive technology, also known as 3D printing. It has become increasingly popular in the dental industry due to the speed at which it creates multiple objects through sequential layering, its ability to produce fine detail and its accuracy.

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