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7 Surprising Places to Find Germs in the Dental Office [Infographic]


For many of your patients, the thought of going to the dentist’s office can be stressful. They tend focus on the dental procedures themselves and how uncomfortable sitting in the chair can be …

10 Reasons You Should Attend The Survive or Thrive Digital Forum

10 Reasons Survive Thrive

Whip Mix’s third annual Survive or Thrive Digital Forum offers the opportunity for laboratories of all sizes to learn what it takes to transition into a digital-based laboratory and how to grow into that space while staying profitable. According to a recent LMT survey, 79% dental labs have a scanner and 49% have a CAM milling system. In addition, most participants plan to invest in more equipment over the next two years. CAD/CAM technologies continue to dominate the market, which is forcing dental labs to re-evaluate their business and to decide whether or not to make the journey into a digital business.

3Shape Quick Tip: The F1 Key Is Your New Best Friend

Easy Button resized 600

Have you ever been working on a design and not sure where to go next or can’t remember how do something? Even though the “easy button” doesn’t really exist, the F1 Key comes pretty close to it.

Lean Analysis To Drive Your Improvement Plans


Many dental lab owners have read or heard about the benefits of Lean principles. The big uncertainty is gaining an understanding of how the concepts can be applied to their lab, what kind of benefits are available, and what the cost is to achieve those benefits. 

Don’t Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is…Literally!

Don%27t Put Your Money Where Your Mouth resized 600

Have you ever wondered where your money came from? The journey it took to get in your hands? Most likely you would be amazed by the places it’s been and the distance it traveled.

Pro-Active or Re-Active: Sense Press Technology in the ProPress SP

Understanding Sense Press Technology

Pressed ceramics and their accompanying furnaces have now been around for 25 years. Some of the furnaces used to create the desirable pressed restorations do it consistently well while others may not. In addition, some offer a number of attractive, but sometimes unnecessary features.

3Shape Quick Tip: How Do I Update a License On My Dongle?

3shape quick tip dongleA question I get asked a lot is: How do I update a license on my dongle. This is actually a pretty easy question to answer. There are two ways you can update a license on your dongle:
  • Dental System Control Panel
  • Internet or Manual Update

Dental System Control Panel
Usually you will find a short cut for Dental System Control Panel on your desktop. Otherwise, you will need to launch the application by either clicking the "3Shape Dental System Control Panel" - button in Dental Manager, or by double-clicking "C:\Programfile\3Shape\Dental System Control Panel\Controlpanel.exe".

Once the application has been launched, go to "Administrative Settings" and choose either:
  • Open dongle in this PC (if you open the Control Panel in which the dongel is inserted)
  • Open Dongle in 3Shape Dongle Service (if you look for a dongle on another PC)
Internet or Manual Update
Regardless of the application, you would usually click "Internet update" to check for available updates on the 3Shape license server. If there are new licenses, they will be automatically downloaded and applied to the dongle. However, if you are not connected to the Internet, you must do a "Manual Update" - please contact your reseller in this case.


How to Utilize the Esthetic CrossRef in the Dental Lab


The Esthetic CrossRef Centered Bite Record or CrossRef for short, is a useful tool for translating the patient’s midline and horizontal plane chair side. This allows critical information to be sent to the lab in order for them to create a more visually pleasing restoration. All too often, information regarding characteristics of the patient bite, which are valuable guides for fabrication, are not captured. Ultimately this could lead to extensive modification of the prosthesis or worse, reveal the need for a complete remake.

What Is A Medical Device?

What Is a Medical Device  (1)

This question has been asked many times by persons that are unsure if their product is a medical device. In the past, some companies have played the ostrich game and believed as long as no one asked then everything was alright. Today, that mind-frame could be a major risk depending on the product and who is asking the questions. If one were to query the FDA database for their definition of a medical device the following definition would be found;

The Benefits of Being a TRIOS® Ready Dental Lab


Becoming a digital dental lab does come with challenges, but once the transition is complete the possibilities it brings are endless. One of those benefits include the ability to become a TRIOS® Ready dental lab. A TRIOS® Ready lab is a dental lab that is certified as a lab that is fully prepared to receive and handle digital impressions sent from clinics using the 3Shape TRIOS®.

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