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Splints: Should They be Hard, Soft, or Both?

Historically, splints have been hand processed, vacuum formed, injection molded, and even milled, but today, the technology...

Making Splints Make Sense

How many of your patients are excited when you tell them they need an occlusal splint?

Cleaning Casts After They Are Poured or Printed

During times when contamination is a huge priority, many dental professionals may be concerned what to do with poured gypsum...

3Shape Dental System 2020 - New Features

3Shape Dental System 2020 is being released and includes several updates and new features. Here are some of the highlights.

Getting the Most Out of Your Model Trimmer Wheel

The most common type of wheel used on model trimmers is composed of carborundum or aluminum oxide. There are also peel and...

One Reason Why Your VPM2 Mixer Could Lose its Vacuum

As your VPM2 vacuum mixer ages, parts of the unit can begin to fail and can cause vacuum loss. If the vacuum level falls too...

Keeping Equipment in Good Working Order During Decreased Use

During slower times in the lab and the clinic, it is important to consider our expensive investments . . . the lab's...

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