In the world of digital advertising, there are countless ways to reach your audience. Advertising on social media platforms can sometimes feel like throwing money down the drain, so how do you advertise online where your audience spends so much of their time? More importantly, how do you do it without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars without effective results? The short answer, Google.

GoogleAds is the titan of digital advertising. Google is the biggest search engine and it’s ad platform has been around for almost 20 years. Not only has GoogleAds been around longer than most digital advertising platforms but they are also good at making money for their advertisers. Google estimates for every $1 a business spends, they receive $8 in profit. How? Because when you advertise on Google you are putting your ad right in front of the people who want to see it. Your ad is being placed in front of customers who are looking for products and services like yours at that exact moment. If your customer is searching for “dentists near me” or “good local dentist” and your ad is the first to pop up they have no need to search further. Google Ads has a click-through rate of nearly 8% which, compared to other platforms, is massive.

Still not convinced? No problem, there are plenty of advertisers who use GoogleAds every day don’t spend any money on Google Display Ads (the ads you see when you search on google). So how are they spending money with GoogleAds if not on search? YouTube. Another great place to advertise and it still falls under the google umbrella. (We’ll get to why that’s so great later). YouTube advertising shakes up how platforms traditionally advertise. Instead of paying every time your ad is shown, or served to someone, you only pay if they click through and/or watch 30 seconds of the ad. This means you aren’t getting charged if someone scrolls past your ad. If that still isn't enough to convince you, the price of advertising should be. On other digital advertising platforms, your CPM’s (cost per thousand views) could cost anywhere from $11 to $30. On YouTube, the average CPM is $2. Combined with how high returns are and how receptive audiences are while searching Google and Youtube, GoogleAds is a tough platform to beat for digital advertising.

Now that we’ve talked about the how Google advertises, where they advertise, and how much it costs, you would think there isn’t much left to talk about -- but we haven’t even touched on my favorite part of GoogleAds. No other platform is as good as Google Analytics, which tracks and reports not only your ads through GoogleAds, but can also work for your company’s site. By linking the two platforms, marketers can increase the power of both. Linking your Google Ads and Analytics accounts gives you a more complete understanding of the user unlike any other platform on the market.

If you’re wanting to get started with GoogleAds, check out their beginners guide to Google Ads. Or if you’re ready to dive right in sign up now!

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