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Customer Story: 5 Things I love about my SinterPro Sintering Furnace

Dental laboratories have a large variety of sintering furnaces to choose from, so making the right choice for my lab...

10 Reasons to Consider the SinterPro (if You’re in the Market for a Sintering Furnace)

There are a number of sintering furnaces on the market and most work well. The best reasons to choose one over another are...

The Longstanding PRO 100 Series Porcelain Furnace


I know most of you aren’t going to like what I have to say, but nothing lasts forever. There I said it, I know it hurts...

Myth: A Specific Furnace Is Needed to Press Certain Types of Pressable Ceramics

In the world of pressable ceramics there are many options and many combinations including monolithic, press to metal and...

Four Contributing Factors to Ensure Beautiful Restorations

Properly fired, natural-looking restorations are the result of only a few considerations. These limited but critical factors...

How to Ensure Accurate and Consistent Furnace Calibration

Porcelain furnace calibration is an often misunderstood and undervalued part of quality assurance maintenance. It is at very...

Pro-Active or Re-Active: Sense Press Technology in the ProPress SP

Pressed ceramics and their accompanying furnaces have now been around for 25 years. Some of the furnaces used to create the...


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