Dental laboratories have a large variety of sintering furnaces to choose from, so making the right choice for my lab required some research. Most offered features that were very similar, so in the end it boiled down to making a decision based on trust.

Al-SinterPro.jpgI have to trust the companies that I buy from because we all know it’s not just the products themselves, but it’s also the people you deal with and the company’s reputation as a fair supplier that matters most.

I reduced the list down to a few furnaces that I thought would best suit my lab’s sintering needs, then I thought about how easy – or difficult – it was to deal with each of the companies. That cinched it for me. I chose the Whip Mix SinterPro furnace because not only does the furnace offer features that are very beneficial to my lab and its workflow, but also because Whip Mix is, and has been for a very long time, one of the easiest companies I have dealt with. I also know that Whip Mix furnaces just seem to last forever, like their mixers, model trimmers, etc. But also, with just shy of 100 years of service to the dental lab industry, they know how to treat their customers.

Here are 5 reasons I’m glad that a SinterPro does most of the zirconia sintering in my lab.

  1. The design: I really like the look and vertical lift design of the Whipmix Sinter Pro.
  2. Programming: The SinterPro is very easy to program.
  3. Cooling control: It has 3 cooling options that easily address the requirements of all types of cases and zirconias without any complicated programming.
  4. Capacity: It has a very large firing chamber with multiple-sized stackable trays that can handle virtually any case from full arch bridges to lots of single crowns and everything in between. In fact, it can sinter over 100 zirconia crowns simultaneously!
  5. Accuracy: The temperature accuracy is stellar and it has proven to be extremely consistent over time. There is virtually no temperature variation from the bottom to the top of the muffle...and trust me, I've checked! The heating elements are super easy to access and change if ever needed.

All these attributes are very nice to have, but the bottom line is the beautifully consistent results I get with all the different zirconias we use these days. I love this furnace!


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