There are a number of sintering furnaces on the market and most work well. The best reasons to choose one over another are the price and features they offer that best fit your laboratory’s needs. Here is one that offers features that are desirable for most dental labs.

The SinterPro . . .

 1. is one of the few sintering furnaces on the market that is wholly made in the United States.

2. offers 30 programs and 4-stage sintering which means . . . no matter which zirconia you have, no matter sintering technique you use,the SinterPro can handle it. For instance, you may want to increase the rate rise from ambient temperature to the point where initial phase transformation begins, then throttle back in a subsequent stage to optimize the translucency. Why not save time during the run up when nothing of any consequence is happening to the material.

3. is super easy to program and use. The SinterPro uses a familiar paradigm. From left to right, punch a few buttons and your zirconia is on its way to being sintered the way you want it to be.

4. has a vertical lift, bottom-loaded muffle with controlled lift entry. That means you can control the heat loss easily with your preferred cooling method.

5. offers a unique high density payload capacity. What does that mean? It means that you can sinter over 100 units simultaneously! (Some of you might be groaning, but some of you may welcome that kind of productivity. SinterPro’s two different size trays give the furnace capacity real versatility. Use a short tray for basic single units and short span bridges, the deep tray for large conventional and Prettau Bridges. In fact, use either of the two different trays – in any combination – to increase the furnace’s sintering versatility for each sintering cycle.

6. is truly ‘Set and Forget’. With the furnace’s large, easy to read display, the current stage highly visible and its firing process graph visible for instant context recognition, the technician has true peace-of-mind.

7. makes your life easier with Cooling Times you control. The SinterPro features not 1, not 2, but 3 cooling methods.

  • Fast Cool enables you to recover your work within an hour from sintering temperature. 
  • Controlled Cool does the same thing but slightly slower. It cools your work down from the sintering temperature in about 2.5 hours.
  • Natural Cool, ideal for multi-unit and screw-retained bridges, treats your work with kid gloves. It takes approximately 5 hours and 15 minutes for your work to cool. Perfect for overnight sintering!

8. is very safe. Protect your dental lab with SinterPro’s alarm card safeties and fail safe features. No runaway temperatures. No electrical issues. Low amperage draw. Safety is designed into this furnace. 

9. has built-in power fail recovery. If the power browns out or blacks out for a short time, especially at night when unattended, the oven will resume the firing cycle at the stage where power failed automatically.

10. is competitively priced! Most sintering furnaces with comparable features cost a lot more than the SinterPro. This furnace is not only one of the most feature-laden furnaces on the market, but it is also affordable.


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