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7 Things To Know Before Contacting Digital Tech Support

Here at Whip Mix Corporation, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service that goes beyond the expectations...

Out or In? What’s the Best Approach for Your CAD/CAM Operations

As we move into the new year and our industry continues to move to the digital age a lot of lab owners I talk to are...

What is this Section 179 Tax Deduction People are Talking About?

Has your accountant ever said to you “you need to chase some 179 tax dollars”? You ask what that is and he just says go buy...

Dry Milling or Wet Milling: What’s the Best Direction to Take Your Dental Lab?

Everyone in the dental industry is familiar with the popularity of zirconia and believe it is here to stay. However,...

Keep Up With Computer Technology in Your Dental Lab

As we all probably know, computer technology changes in the blink of an eye. In the year 2000 we broke the 1 GHz barrier on...

Investing in CAD/CAM Equipment: Lease Vs. Purchase

My wife and I both grew up in conservative families in conservative Cincinnati Ohio where you only purchase what you can pay...


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