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3Shape Quick Tip: How to Accept a TRIOS® Intraoral Scan for Production

“I received my first TRIOS® scan…Now What??”

First, congratulations, being a TRIOS® Ready Lab can really open doors for your...

Dental Insights: A Look at Zirconia in the Dental Lab [Infographic]

As you walk though any dental tradeshow floor these days, the trend is clearly digital, digital and more digital. There is...

Roland Quick Tip: Ensuring Consistent & Accurate Milling

With spring approaching and warmer temperatures on the horizon, it’s the time of the year when labs might do some...

Obsolete - Abandonment or Progress?

We’ve just heard that a recent ‘STAR’ in the world of milling machines has been “obsoleted” and replaced with another model....

7 Things To Know Before Contacting Digital Tech Support

Here at Whip Mix Corporation, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service that goes beyond the expectations...

Out or In? What’s the Best Approach for Your CAD/CAM Operations

As we move into the new year and our industry continues to move to the digital age a lot of lab owners I talk to are...


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