Here at Whip Mix Corporation, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service that goes beyond the expectations of our customers. In fact, on our list of company values “Customer” is listed first, meaning our Customers are the most valuable asset to Whip Mix. As the use of technology in the dental lab increases, so does the demand for technical support and the expectation of being helped immediately. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and not every customer can be helped instantly, but there is more than one way that our Digital Tech Team. Beyond having multiple methods of contact for our support team, there is a protocol that you, the customer, can follow before contacting us to help reduce down time.  

How do I get a hold of my Tech Team?

Phone call (800-626-5651 x.1437): The most obvious way to contact our Digital Tech Team for help is via phone. This method has both advantages and disadvantages when contacting us. For advantages, you are able speak with an actual person instantly, it is easy to communicate what issues you have, and in return the support technician has the ability to provide a clear explanation without any misinterpretations. The disadvantage to this method is that our support technicians can only talk to one customer at a time, which can be frustrating when your milling machine or 3D scanner is out of operation and you need help immediately. In this case your call/issue will not be answered immediately, but you can leave a voice mail,  return your call as soon as possible.

Email ( With technology being as advanced as it is today, contacting the Whip Mix Digital Tech Team via email is probably the most efficient form of communication. With this form not only are you able to inform us of the issue in writing, but you are also able to send us photos and screen shots of the problem to further assist us in finding a solution. When an email is received here at Whip Mix a Help Ticket is automatically assigned to it, giving our whole team access to it. With this ticketing system we are able to access any email 24hrs a day and even during phone calls, which is a huge advantage when we are already on the phone helping other customers.

TeamViewer: This application is the most important tool that our tech team utilizes. With this tool we have the ability to access your computer system to help diagnose any and all issues that you are having from any computer at any time of day. Not only can we control your computer like it is in our office; we can also transfer files, take screen shots, chat, and even record TeamViewer sessions. We can also offer training sessions, presentations, and hold meetings all within TeamViewer. This application is free for its users so you can hold TeamViewer sessions with your Dentists to help share information on designs or help out when they start to move to a digital workflow.

What can I, the customer, do to help?

Most common issues that occur within 3D Scanners and Mill machine computers can usually be fixed easily. Before contacting our Digital Support Team, we have a protocol for you to follow to help get you back into full production as soon as possible.

  1. Take a screen shot of the error for documentation

  2. Verify that the error is repeatable. Some errors may be a glitch and can be fixed by starting over.

  3. If the error is repeatable, close down all applications and restart the computer.

  4. After the computer is back on check again to see if you can move past where the error was occurring.

  5. If you still cannot move past the error, open your TeamViewer application and make sure it is “Ready to Connect”.

  6. After TeamViewer is on, Email us at Within the email provide us with a brief description of what is happening and send any possible photos or screen shots. Also include your TeamViewer ID number and password so we can have remote access to your computer.

  7. Once the email is sent to us, go ahead and Call for immediate help. If we are already helping other customers on the phone, we will be able to see your email for assistance and we can start resolving for issue.

With multiple forms of communication, advanced ticketing systems, and a support protocol to follow; we hope at Whip Mix Corporation that our current and future digital customers always feel that their support requirements have been met and surpassed.



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