3Shape is constantly evolving with useful and practical upgrades and additions to their innovative scanner software. As a long-time reseller, Whip Mix looks forward to constant creative improvement from them and, as a 3Shape scanner user, we know you do too.

Here some of what’s new in 3Shape Dental System 2021.

  • The New Generation Red E scanners are 20% faster!

Introduced in 2020, the new Generation Red E scanners boast all the award-winning benefits of 3Shape’s E scanner line, such as 5 MP cameras, but with 20% extra speed for the same great prices.


  • Digital denture software

3Shape Denture intuitive software has been updated to deliver even simpler step-by-step workflows for denture design and to support the latest workflows for manufacturing.


  • Scale your business with 3Shape Automate - AI-Driven Dental Design

Scale up your productivity with the groundbreaking technology of Artificial Intelligence and get a crown design, for example, in 5 minutes. Automate features an intuitive and simple workflow from Dental System 2021, enabling you to seamlessly upload cases for AI design. ( https://automate.3shape.com/)


  • ScanIt Dental

The latest version of ScanIt Dental software, included with the 3Shape Dental System, greatly improves the sharpness of scans with a brand-new feature: “Enhance Detail.” The updated ScanIt Dental has also improved usability for the Multi-die fixture in all scanners, added impression scanning, and color scanning now in the Digital Denture scanning workflow.


  • NEW Multi-die fixture support improvements

The Multi-die option is now available for all E and Generation Red E models running Dental System 2021. You can also combine the multi-die feature in combination with impression scanning.    


  • NEW Color scanning added to the denture scanning workflow

There is now color scanning on all E and Generation Red E-scanners (color scanning supported models) for Customized Impression Trays, Full Dentures, and 3DBitePlates.


  • 3Shape Dental Manager

Dental Manager enables you to receive TRIOS scans directly in your Dental Manager and have them ready for design.

3D Preview

The updated 3D preview tool offers a full set of instruments for quality control on the case. You do not need to reopen the order to check the CAD model, all visual tools from the design modules are now available in one click., and it is now also possible to check the quality of scans and occlusion contacts before accepting a case in the 3Shape Communicate® Inbox.

Case status with design centers

Your case status can be customized by the 3rd party design center and shown in Dental Manager.


  • 3Shape Dental Manager
Additional scan updates

You can now modify additional scans during design. Any scan that is loaded to the case can be now altered using Morph, Add/Remove/Smooth, and the Remove Artifacts tools.

Save files as PLY and STL

When handling scans in Dental System, you now have the option to save files not only as DCM, but in PLY and STL formats. This is available when saving models in Dental Designer or exporting scans from Dental Manager.

Updated design strategy for Advanced Implant Bridge workflow 

The implant bridge workflow has been optimized to increase the productivity and quality of the final restoration. 3Shape has removed the exit profile connection to the single anatomy and moved it to the very last step. And only at the end of the workflow, are all exit profiles adjusted to the final design in one single step.

Gingivator 3.0 in Advanced Implant Bridge workflow 

It is now possible to use all available aesthetic settings. This makes gum designing faster and more predictable as with Gingivator 3.0 in our denture workflow.

AI Enhancement

Selected Dental System workflows have been enhanced with AI algorithms to reduce the number of manual modifications needed.

Dental Designer occlusal plane is now adjusted using AI technology. During the segmentation step for intraoral cases, lines are now placed automatically for both temporary indications and dies.

Selection trimming

The option allows you to select the scan area you want to keep.

Digital facebow and jaw motion support

Virtual articulators are now more flexible with the new set of tools introduced in Dental System. If you are using any device that guides the placement of your cases in the articulator (e.g., a facebow with a bite fork), you can now perform this placement virtually. The setup of the tool is done using a dedicated Control Panel page.

Bellus 3D digital articulator placement

The Dental System integration with Bellus3D Dental Pro face scanning application now has the option with the option to place jaws automatically in occlusion as defined by the doctor. The app enables you to set the condyle points and determine the main planes. Condyle points are visualized together with main planes to make positioning in the articulator easier.


  • Dentures
Advanced smile design features for best results

Producing the perfect set of teeth just got simpler and faster. You can now overlay the patient photo from Smile Design onto the wax rim or impression scans in Dental System 2021.

ID Tag for removables 

Easily add custom information on the dentures using the ID tag tool. Use this tool to add the patient's name and scheduled appointment date or other custom information.

The tool is available for Custom Trays, Full/Partial/ Copy dentures, and RPD frames as well. It is located in the final design step under Sculpt toolkit.

Stippled wax sculpt tool to enhance aesthetics 

Making personalized dentures is now easier with the new stippled wax sculpt tool. It is possible to apply multiple patterns on different areas, set positive value in the Height field to make the pattern convex, or negative to make it concave.

Natural bite to set the occlusion

Now it is much easier to set the occlusion for immediate dentures – you can use virtually extracted teeth to set the occlusion.

Use impression from Copy Denture to design final dentures. 

You can now use impressions from a scanned Copy Denture to design a new one. This saves an extra visit for the patient and the dentist.


  • 3Shape Model Builder

Model Builder 21.1 delivers an improved user experience, handling of digital impressions and model creation, as well as the creation of models of dies in impression scans.

Model Builder is a crucial step in the digital workflow, which enables you to create physical models ready for 3D print and based on an intraoral scan. It also utilizes model creation of impression scans, impression scans combined with stone dies.

Refining your scans

Received scans may contain invisible artifacts, which can lead to instability in model design and possibly, a time-consuming to fix. By applying the new features within Model Builder: Refine Upper Jaw Scan and Refine Lower Jaw Scan, the artifacts introduced by the scanner will be highlighted and removed on the Maxilla and Mandible, respectively.

Model Builder for Dental System 2021

A new option enables you to design models based on impression scans and the corresponding gypsum dies. The new Stitch Scan Parts step automatically stitches the gypsum dies to the impression scan, catering to the design of digital models.

Automated Trimming

An intraoral scan usually has a rough boundary that needs to be trimmed when designing a satisfactory model. With the updated Model Builder in Dental System 2021, you can save time and skip trimming intraoral scans, as a Trim step automatically provides a smooth trimming line that is close to the scan’s boundary.

Therapeutical Model

A new functionality in the Model Builder Wax knife settings provides more control and precision when applying or removing material from the scan. You can define a maximum thickness of the material that you are adding or subtracting from the scan.

Grind premature contacts

A doctor can take a bite scan in a stressed jaws’ position and as a result, receive too high of a restoration from the lab. While the restoration perfectly fits the models, it can require massive grinding in a patient’s mouth to make it fit.

Virtually Prepared Model

A doctor may need a virtually prepared model for visual guidance to reduce teeth for the fitting of the provisional restoration. Now labs can provide a virtually prepared model together with the temporary crowns and bridges.

Model Builder creates the models using a virtual preparation of the teeth performed in Dental Designer as part of the temporary crown design. Order an unsectioned model and temporary crowns. Go to Model Builder after designing the provisional restorations. Choose the ‘cut gingiva with the design’ option for temporary crowns to get the virtually prepared model on the next step.


  • 3Shape Smile Design 21.1

3Shape Smile Design 21.1 delivers improved user experience, speed gains via automation, and new tools for adjusting and sharing simulations. Dentists use 3Shape Smile Design, a 3Shape excitement app, to propose a treatment based on the patient’s photos and available teeth libraries. The, your lab simply imports them into Dental System.

Selection of libraries for lower incisors

Smile Design now provides dental professionals with more varied design options than ever before with the introduction of smile libraries for the lower incisors.

Automated Photo Alignment

Building on the previous update’s automation of the placement of the facial landmarks and lip line, the new updated version of Smile Design has automated the alignment of the portrait photos showing the patient’s smile and retracted view.

Extended Photo Export and Sharing Options

When a Smile Design is completed, it is easier for you to share your work.

Snap to Teeth Tool

Adapt any library to match the exact outlines of the patients’ teeth for cases where only minor adjustments are needed to the patient’s natural dentition.

Photo Adjustment Tools

Should the photo/s used within smile design require any optimizations to maximize the photo quality, you can now adjust brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation in the Smile Design software.


  • 3Shape Implant Studio 2021

Implant Studio enables you to plan implant cases as well as design implant guides. 3Shape Implant Studio® 2021.1 has enabled the export of bone models. Specialists can create study models with dental labs now having the option to plan restorative work also on bone-level guide cases.

Machine/Material selector

In Implant Studio 2021.1, choosing machine and materials has been simplified to make it easier to find and group the machines and materials needed.

Bone model with implant positions

Implant Studio® 2021.1 has improved the bone-supported guide workflow and now allows the bone surface model to be exported to use as either a study model or in 3Shape Dental System for pre-planning prosthetic restorations.


  • 3Shape clear aligner treatment software

3Shape clear aligner treatment software* is an intuitive CAD software for the design and production of clear aligners - one of the most in-demand treatments in dentistry. Clear aligner treatments designed in the software can be vacuum formed on top of printed models.

Auto Segmentation

The software now auto-segments the scan into individual teeth. This is done in the background along with creating faster export times.

Treatment Review

“Treatment Review” now allows doctors to communicate their treatment vision to the labs, which in turn, can show the clinic their treatment proposal with a click of a button.

Automatic Wax-up

The analog step with applying wax on the printed models has been eliminated with the automatic wax-up feature, which applies wax in the interproximal pockets and fills gaps between teeth in the design step.

Hollowing of models

The resin used for printing the models is one of the most expensive elements when producing aligners. The software can automatically hollow out the models to the desired wall thickness, so you can save a lot of money on material consumption.

Visit here to learn about MORE NEW software additions/improvements for 3Shape Dental System 2021, and visit whipmix.com to see all of the digital products Whip Mix has to offer.



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