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The Evolution of Zirconia in the Dental Laboratory

Zirconia restorations have become the material of choice in restorative dentistry today, out pacing the previous...

Designing The Screw-Retained Prosthesis [Webinar]

The dental laboratory’s ability to mill restorations in 5-axis tabletop mills has enabled almost any lab to provide their...

Introducing MillBox – A new powerful CAM Interface powered by SUM3D Dental

In this post, I’d like to point out key differences and similarities between SUM3D Dental CAM and MillBox. The objective is...

10 Useful CAD CAM Takeaways from Whip Mix’s 2017 Digital Forum

If you weren’t at Whip Mix’s 6th Annual Digital Forum in September, you missed a lot! The popular digital lab business...

How the Dentist’s Purchase of an Intraoral Scanner Can Affect the Dental Lab

The Mid-Winter meeting and IDS 2017 are behind us, and as usual, there were several new products introduced. Most notably at...

10 Reasons to Consider the SinterPro (if You’re in the Market for a Sintering Furnace)

There are a number of sintering furnaces on the market and most work well. The best reasons to choose one over another are...

3Shape Remote Design - Can i Do it?

“Can I setup remote CAD design stations for remote employees?”  I have been getting this question from some of our 3Shape...


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