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Why Is My Gypsum Behaving Strangely?

As someone who has worked with many dental gypsum products, I have encountered all types of issues from changing working...

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a 3D Printer for Your Dental Lab

New, more affordable 3D printers are hitting the market everyday. As a result, a large number of dental labs have either...

Replacing the Drive Nut on a VPM2 & VPMmini Vac-U-Mixer

The VPM2 and VPMmini Vac-U-Mixer feature a plastic cross shaped drive nut, which is designed to wear out over time. Its...

3D Printed Parts and Burnout; What’s Going On?

Older technicians will remember the introduction of solid plastic sprues back in the 80’s. What a great idea! There would...

5 Things to Know About the Proposed Policy Statement on the Role of Dentistry in the Treatment of Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders from the ADA

Recently, the American Dental Association released a proposed policy statement on the role of dentistry in the treatment of...

General Maintenance of the Vac-U-Mixer Unit

The Vac-U-Mixer is the complete assembly consisting of the lid, paddle shaft assembly and bowl. Since it is such a workhorse...


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