For the past 100 plus years, Whip Mix has provided quality products, best in class support and industry leading education and along the way created brand loyalty and lifelong customer relationships.

You may ask how a company consistently does this for over 100 years. At Whip Mix Corporation, we live by our proven process called A.S.I.S.T. This simple (and yes misspelled on purpose) acronym stands for Assess, Solve, Implement, Support and Teach. Whether customer or co-worker, we utilize this system to create a connection with our company that produces trust, loyalty and peace of mind.

We work to evaluate and ASSESS your needs to insure they align with our capabilities and resources. Through this assessment, we present solutions that SOLVE your needs and strengthen our growing relationship. Once we agree on this solution, we promptly IMPLEMENT the training, resources and materials to ensure your success. As a team, we are committed to making it right through continuous coaching and education to foster, SUPPORT and grow our professional relationship. Lastly, The Whip Mix family is dedicated to evolving with the latest technologies and market trends so we can TEACH best practices to ensure ideal results.

This simple but effective process has helped Whip Mix to continuously innovate over the past 100 years and remain one of the dental industry leaders.

Pat Higgins

VP of Marketing and New Business Development

Whip Mix Corporation


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