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General Maintenance of the Vac-U-Mixer Unit

The Vac-U-Mixer is the complete assembly consisting of the lid, paddle shaft assembly and bowl. Since it is such a workhorse...

Employee Spotlight: Reflections on 48 Years at Whip Mix

Sharon Young was a graduate of Western High School in May, 1969. But instead of planning a summer trip to the Woodstock...

Understanding Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printer Resolution

When researching 3D printers, it is important to be able to discern the difference between resolution and precision. 3D...

Why Can't I Transfer a Case from One Articulator Brand to Another?

A commonly asked question is: ‘Why can’t I transfer a case from one articulator brand to another?'

The answer is simple...

How the Dentist’s Purchase of an Intraoral Scanner Can Affect the Dental Lab

The Mid-Winter meeting and IDS 2017 are behind us, and as usual, there were several new products introduced. Most notably at...

Water Bath Maintenance and Care

The Whip Mix Water Bath, be it the older analog or digital version, will require routine preventative maintenance from time...


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