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INVESTMENTS – The Ratio Thing


Even in this digital-inluenced world, many technicians still use dental investments for pressing and other processes -...

The Importance of Calibrating Your 3D Printer [Video]

As with any mechanical product with moving parts, calibrating a 3D printer plays an important role in ensuring consistent...

3 Common Things to Check If Your Xcavator Is Not Divesting Properly

The most common call I receive regarding the Xcavator is that the ring did not divest properly. There are several things...

Three Factors Changing the Future of Dental Lab Business

The future..

The business environment for the dental lab will not undergo a sudden, dramatic change but the changes will...

Understanding Today's Milling Materials [eBook]

Zirconia used as an indirect dental restorative material has become the defacto standard due to its unique ability to be...

Providing Our Customers with a Great Experience

Recently, I had a call from a very concerned customer in Canada. He had just spent the weekend worrying about an article he...


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