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15 Terms Dental Technicians Should Know About 3D Printing Technology

Terms are interesting in dentistry. Do you remember all of these? PFM, PBM, FGC, FVC, PJC, PVC.

In many cases, the term you...

Customer Story: 5 Things I love about my SinterPro Sintering Furnace

Dental laboratories have a large variety of sintering furnaces to choose from, so making the right choice for my lab...

The 4 Best Ways to Store Dental Gypsum Materials

It does not matter if you are purchasing in bulk or pre-packaged, dental gypsums need to be stored correctly for best use....

Getting the Most Out of the Chicago Dental Meetings

It's that time of year when dental professionals from around the world invade the Windy City. The Chicago dental meetings...

The One Thing You Need To Do Before Purchasing a 3D Printer for Your Dental Lab

Word has it that 3D printers will be the buzz at Chicago Lab Day this year, especially with so many new 3D printers hitting...

6Sing Your Dental Lab: Starting A LEAN Manufacturing Process [Webinar]

LEAN is a good business practice, which can be fully implemented with Kaizen events and Spaghetti Charts, or just...


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