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3D Printing: If You Relocate, You Must Recalibrate

Calibration is the result of comparing something to a known standard, then bringing the item into sync with the standard.


Whip Mix Insights: Making Important Decisions as a Leader

We are very fortunate to have great leaders at Whip Mix and for that reason, we feel like we should share some of their...

See You in California

Spring is in the air and it’s that time when dental professionals from around the country invade the “Happiest Place on...

Whip Mix Insights: The Importance of Continuing Education in the Dental Laboratory

 Why Would I Really Need to Continue My Education? I Have a Job.

There are minimally three things necessary to become an...

A House Divided: A Legal View of Home Sleep Testing [Webinar]

The landscape of the dentist’s role in treating patients with sleep-disordered breathing can be a complicated one to...

Whip Mix Insights: Communication - A Challenge in Dentistry

Miscommunication is one the most common causes of errors that occur in the dental operatory and in the dental laboratory....

Converting Your Whip Mix, Denar or Hanau Articulator to Magnetic Mounting

Screw retention has been the preferred method of retaining mounting plates to articulators for many years. However, the...


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