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The Importance of Calibrating Your 3D Printer [Video]

As with any mechanical product with moving parts, calibrating a 3D printer plays an important role in ensuring consistent...

Understanding Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printer Resolution

When researching 3D printers, it is important to be able to discern the difference between resolution and precision. 3D...

Roland Quick Tip: How to keep track of your milling bur life

A common question that I receive is, "How do I track my milling bur lifespan?'' There is no greater annoyance than having...

3Shape Quick Tip: How to Accept a TRIOS® Intraoral Scan for Production

“I received my first TRIOS® scan…Now What??”

First, congratulations, being a TRIOS® Ready Lab can really open doors for your...

Understanding 3D Printing: What Dental Professionals Need to Know

With Lab Day Chicago 2016 coming to an end, my colleagues and I noticed the newest trend taking over in the dental lab...

7 Things To Know Before Contacting Digital Tech Support

Here at Whip Mix Corporation, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service that goes beyond the expectations...

3Shape Quick Tip: How to add a Dentist/Dental Office

When purchasing a 3Shape Dental system it's very important to keep organized. If you are not careful your system can start...


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