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Expanding Your Lab's Services with 3D Printing [Webinar]

Few technologies have experienced the rate of growth 3D printing has in the dental laboratory industry. The reasons are...

Halloween Candy: Your Dental Health Survival Guide

Halloween is finally here and for many of you that means 'Trick or Treating' with bags full of delicious candy! However, we...

10 Useful CAD CAM Takeaways from Whip Mix’s 2017 Digital Forum

If you weren’t at Whip Mix’s 6th Annual Digital Forum in September, you missed a lot! The popular digital lab business...

Choosing the Right Cutting Tools for Milling

With milling becoming so popular in today’s dental laboratory industry, it’s important to not underestimate or even overlook...

Understanding Today's Milling Materials [eBook]

Zirconia used as an indirect dental restorative material has become the defacto standard due to its unique ability to be...

10 Reasons to Consider the SinterPro (if You’re in the Market for a Sintering Furnace)

There are a number of sintering furnaces on the market and most work well. The best reasons to choose one over another are...

10 Reasons to See Whip Mix at LMT Lab Day in Chicago

2017 is shaping up to be a banner year for dental laboratories and Whip Mix is thrilled to play a significant role in it!...


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