As the use of intraoral scanners have increased, so has the demand for 3D printed implant models. We have been receiving a lot of inquiries about whether or not we (Whip Mix) can print implant models. While I would like the answer to this question to be a simple yes or no, it's not.

In an effort to clarify this question for dental labs, we have created this flowchart to help you determine if we can print your dental lab's implant models. So before you send us your implant model, be sure to reference this flowchart.


After reviewing this flowchart, you may be wondering why we don't model build implant models. The main reason is because there are so many different implant systems available we would have to stock printed model analogs, scan bodies and hybrid components for all of them. Doing this is not only cost prohibitive to us, but would potentially increase your cost. So to keep costs down for everyone, we will print your designed models.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us at 502.637.1451 x1437 or you can email us.


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