Every month more and more dental laboratories are adopting 3D printing technology. Sometimes labs feel forced into purchasing one because their accounts are using intraoral scanners for digital impressions and they need to stay competitive in order to keep those accounts. Understandable, but 3D printers are not just for printing accurate models.The uses are almost unlimited. Today the amazing growth of the technology can be linked to the rapidly growing applications.

Crown and bridge models, orthodontic models, presentation models, implant models, temporary crowns, burnout patterns for substructures, full anatomical crowns and bridges, Maryland bridges, copings, screw-retained crowns and bridges, position guides, implant frame bridges, veneers, implant bars, surgical guides, RPD patterns, full dentures, diagnostic 'waxups', post and cores, post-retained crowns, impression trays, telescopic crowns, splints, and aligner models are just some of the applications. I probably missed several others… but this list seems like it's enough to convince any lab owner that it might be time to consider adding a 3D printer to their lab's armamentarium.

So, maybe the decision to buy one is made, but now a bigger decision is in front of you… which one? There are many printers being offered in the dental industry, but would you know how to choose the one that's right for you?

There is a great webinar that reviews a bunch of popular printers and will definitely help you make an informed decision. Just click here to watch What 3D Printer is Right for Me? It is one of our most popular webinars. It is guaranteed to help you make the right choice. We're so sure of that, that if you don't find it helpful, we will fully refund the amount of money you paid us to read this blog ; )



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