It's hard to believe that 2018 has come and gone. It has been another exciting year for Whip Mix and the dental industry. While we are excited to see what 2019 brings, we wanted to share with you some of the most popular articles from our blog in 2018 and a few you may have missed. Enjoy!


Introducing MillBox – A new powerful CAM Interface powered by SUM3D Dental

In this post, I’d like to point out key differences and similarities between SUM3D Dental CAM and MillBox. The objective is for existing SUM3D Dental users to evaluate and consider key features for upgrading software. These could also be considerations for individuals that are new to CAD/CAM – many of whom may be purchasing their CAM Software for the first time.

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The Difference Between Semi and Fully Adjustable Articulators

I had a chance recently to talk about articulators with a technician who was still a bit confused about the idea of fully adjustable versus Semi- Adjustable. So as a refresher let us go through what makes the difference in the descriptive terms used.

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The Evolution of Zirconia in the Dental Laboratory

Zirconia restorations have become the material of choice in restorative dentistry today, out pacing the previous porcelain fused to metal champions and reaching a high percentage of the current crown and bridge prescriptions filled by laboratories. With this generational change in mind, lets take a look at how zirconia evolved.

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Designing The Screw-Retained Prosthesis [Webinar]

The dental laboratory’s ability to mill restorations in 5-axis tabletop mills has enabled almost any lab to provide their dentist-accounts with complex restorations/prostheses such as screw-retained crowns and bridges with gingival architecture. 

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The 4 Best Ways to Store Dental Gypsum Materials

It does not matter if you are purchasing in bulk or pre-packaged, dental gypsums need to be stored correctly for best use. However, what is the best storage and is it possible?

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Functional Occlusion in the Digital Age [Webinar]

The development of a proper occlusal relationship between the arches is one of the most important elements of restorative dentistry. This has been the case since dental technology began incorporating an understanding of the bite correlation into the design and fabrication of a crown. It is especially important to the patient for the dental technician to fully understand the process of mastication and to build in a physiologically sound occlusal relationship. Whether the dentist and lab technician plan and use a complex gnathological approach or a very simple one, there are certain critical tenets that must be adhered to in order to establish a truly proper bite.

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3Shape Remote Design - Can I Do it?

“Can I setup remote CAD design stations for remote employees?”  I have been getting this question from some of our 3Shape Dental System customers. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no.   While installing a Client/Server setup on a local network is quite easy, there a few more variables that come into play when trying to setup remote design sites.  The major issues you will face are internet speed/bandwidth at the lab and remote site, local software installations vs. remote desktop software vs satellite labs, CAD software licensing, and remote PC performance.

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The One Thing You Need To Do Before Purchasing a 3D Printer for Your Dental Lab

Word has it that 3D printers will be the buzz at Chicago Lab Day this year, especially with so many new 3D printers hitting the market. The energy alone at Lab Day can be overwhelming, and trying to pinpoint the “exact” printer that will best suit your needs in this setting can be difficult. Do you listen to the sales rep that has a quota to hit, or do you listen to your peers? Perhaps you take their opinions into consideration, but do not base your purchase solely on the opinions of others. 

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5 Obstacles to Overcome When Coloring Zirconia

Coloring zirconia can be a tricky proposition when using white zirconia discs, so many technicians have resorted to the pre-shaded variety. Even these have their own considerations when trying to achieve a correct shade.

Let us talk for a moment about some of the obstacles we need to think about as we reach for the answers.

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15 Terms Dental Technicians Should Know About 3D Printing Technology

Terms are interesting in dentistry. Do you remember all of these? PFM, PBM, FGC, FVC, PJC, PVC.

In many cases, the term you used just depended upon where you went to school or where you trained. Some things just had their own names, “cause that’s what the old guy said they were”.

Let’s get off to a good start with some names in 3D printing and their descriptors so we can make better choices and understand more about the subject.

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