The dental laboratory’s ability to mill restorations in 5-axis tabletop mills has enabled almost any lab to provide their dentist-accounts with complex restorations/prostheses such as screw-retained crowns and bridges with gingival architecture.  


In addition to having a dental mill and/or a 3D printer, the most important thing needed is a comprehensive understanding of how to design an implant-supported case.

This webinar will give you the knowledge base necessary to fabricate these prostheses using 3Shape Dental Designer Software.


The webinar covers:
  • Requirements for a Complete Digital Workflow and an Analog/Digital Workflow
  • Scan bodies
  • Live case design using 3Shape Dental System 2017 Software
  • Surgical Guides used for implant placement
  • Intraoral scanners and how they are best used for direct data acquisition
  • Proper intraoral scanner workflow
  • The advantages of 3D printed vs conventional models
  • Various interfaces and their differences
  • Custom vs Robotic Abutments in 3Shape
  • Individual Restoration Workflow
  • Split File Designing



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