DWX-52DC.jpgOne of the challenges most labs face is to increase productivity without having to utilize additional resources. And milling in-house falls into this category.

For the labs who have slowly invested in CAD CAM, first with scanner and CAD, then with milling machines and sintering ovens, the next decision is: Should I use white zirconia or pre-shaded? What thickness zirconia should I have in inventory? How will I manage my time to mill zirconia, wax and PMMA?

Having a multi-disc mill may be the answer for all these questions. Roland is excited to introduce the DWX-52DC, the answer for the busy lab in search for streamlining this process. The ability to have a mill running and switching discs unattended is priceless. The DWX-52DC allows dental labs to set up your batch overnight for a few crowns of A2 on a 14mm disc, a few more on A1 on a 12mm disc, a bridge on a 16mm disc, wax crowns to press in the morning, and a provisional roundhouse on PMMA… with just one click.

The Roland DG DWX-52DC muli-disc mill features a 6-disc changer and a 15-tool stocker, a true and tested 2-year warranty spindle, and the reliability of the Roland brand.

If you are at LMT Lab Day, be sure to stop by the Whip Mix booth, D-43,E-42, to learn more about what the DWX-52DC can do for your lab.



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