Ortho table

As in in the photo of an Orthodontic Work Table Assembly, we need to take a break from our sometimes-hectic workload to do a little preventative maintenance. Not only is the table in this condition not functional in regards to trimming models at specific angles, it is a work hazard if it was caught by the grinding wheel and dislodged while in use.

In this particular case, the customer was having an issue with the degree plate colliding with the grinding wheel during use. The most obvious cause is the accumulation of gypsum on the work tray assembly and degree plate. As is seen in the photo the degree plate is being held up from seating properly due to debris build up.

There are many commercial cleaners on the market. There are even ones that are specifically designed to clean gypsum from an object by soaking. One of those cleaners is Gyp-Strip from Whip Mix. Although an excellent choice and very effective, its use is limited to non-aluminum parts because it corrodes aluminum. A better choice for soaking the Orthodontic Work Table assembly is a gentle solvent like Simple Green. It is commercially available, reasonably priced and, most importantly, safe for use on aluminum parts.

Typically, soaking overnight will allow cleaning to be more thorough when using a toothbrush to clean loosened buildup. In extreme cases, it may need to be soaked overnight.

If after cleaning, it is discovered that parts are missing or damaged, most can be ordered to get the Orthodontic Work Table Assembly back in to working order.



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