The most common product used for polishing acrylic has typically been pumice; usually starting with a coarse grit and moving on to gradually finer grits. Different grades of pumice have varying grits within a range, for example:

  • Coarse: 100-300 microns
  • Medium: 75-200 microns
  • Fine: 40-200 microns
  • Flour: 90% below 44 microns
  • Dazzle PS (pumice substitute) average of 42 microns

However, you don’t have to choose either flour pumice or Dazzle PS. Rather Dazzle PS can be a compliment to a gradually finer option to flour pumice in the process before polishing.

Some of the added benefits of using Dazzle PS are that it dries quickly when not in use. This helps avoid buildup of odor from retained moisture, providing a more sanitary option. In addition, Dazzle PS cuts easier and is gentler on the hands.

So the next time you need to finish acrylic, Dazzle PS could be great choice to obtaining a finely polished prosthesis.



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