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Each year the Chicago Midwinter shows brings together dental professionals from all over the world. It is an extremely exciting time for us here at Whip Mix. Not only do the Chicago Midwinter meetings enable us to connect directly with customers, but also gives us the opportunity to show off all the new and exciting things we have worked so hard on over the course of the year. This year we are celebrating our 95th anniversary and we couldn’t be more proud. Just as the industry continues to transition into the digital age, so does Whip Mix. We continue to develop and source products that will help dental offices and labs move to a more digital workflow, in addition to providing education and training to make that transition as easy as possible. In Chicago we will be featuring 5 new products that help your dental lab or office work smarter & leaner, giving you the predictable results you desire.

5 products from Whip Mix you need to see in Chicago 

MainStay Disposable Articulators

Designed to save you time, money and waste, this system of disposable articulators does not require model formers or a gypsum base, and adjusts to accommodate any occlusal relationship. Its base was designed without external walls or raised edges to prevent interference with the seating of dies and model segments - meaning it can easily be used with gypsums of all expansion ratios.

Infinity ZR Sintering Furnace

With 30 programs and four stages, the Whip Mix Infinity ZR furnace has been designed to offer the user flexibility and consistently accurate sintering of zirconia materials, delay start time up to 8 hours and can sinter up to 60 units at a time. In addition, it's made right here in our Louisville, KY manufacturing facility.

CAD/CAM Equipment & Materials

Whip Mix offers a complete CAD/CAM line encompassing the 3Shape Scanner and Roland mill along with milling tools and materials. In addition, we provide outsource milling services and a backup to your in-house digital workflow like full contour crowns and titanium and hybrid custom abutments. Stop by the booth to see all of these up close & personal.

Denar LabRelator

We all know mounting casts to your articulator can get messy and cause unnecessary wear and tear. The LabRelator was specifically designed to be the mounting workhorse in your laboratory. The LabRelator eliminates some of the human error that comes with mounting, cleans up easily and maintains interchangeability with the Mark 310, 320 & 330 articulators.

Preference Hand Sanitizer

Just added to our product line, Preference Hand Sanitizer is favored 3:1 over the leading liquid sanitizer. Killing 99.9% of the most common germs, it dries in less than 10 seconds and gloves slide on easily after use. Stop by our booths in Chicago and try it for yourself...we'll buy you a coffee!


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