2018 Digital Forum-1

Whip Mix proudly presented its 7th Annual 2-day Digital Forum on September 20 and 21, 2018. The popular event featured well-known experts in CAD CAM technology, occlusion, regulatory issues, digital dentures, pressing, and many other subjects. The amazing group of speakers covered the most important and prevalent subjects in the dental industry. If you’re a lab owner, an experienced technician, or even someone in training, this is where you needed to be, so keep that in mind for our next Digital Forum!

Here are the some of the reasons we think the attendees were happy they were here . . .

  1. Everyone met, hobnobbed with and learned from 7 remarkable speakers!
  2. They learned why (and how) digital technology is here to stay.
  3. They found out how their lab can start making aligners using 3Shape’s Ortho Module.
  4. They learned the easiest way to achieve accurate zirconia shading.
  5. They saw how true functional occlusion works in the age of digital scanning.
  6. They learned why digital dentures are the hottest thing in the industry.
  7. They witnessed some behind-the-scene techniques for their digital implant workflow.
  8. They understood how 3D printing can revolutionize their lab's pressed ceramics.
  9. They found out how to work within FDA guidelines.
  10. They discovered why Asiga 3D printing has become the standard in many dental laboratories.
  11. They now know why, year after year, the Whip Mix Digital Forum is a sought-after learning event.
  12. They received 14 hours of scientific CE credit (and 1 hour Regulatory credit).

Bonus reason:

  1. They all experienced Whip Mix’s legendary hospitality!

These are just a few of the reasons that we think our Digital Forum is such a popular learning opportunity. Here are some reasons that our attendees think so too!

"This was the first Digital Forum that we attended.  It was a very informative gathering.  It definitely was not a sales pitch but we appreciated everyone sharing what brand and products they were using to achieve the final product.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the hospitality was outstanding!!  Getting to meet people from around the country was fun and we might even be able to network with each other and support one another too."

Mark Pelak

New World Dental Lab, Inc.

Cape Coral, Florida 




Thank you again WhipMix for always going above and beyond our expectations!!  We plan to attend next year!!



We hope we will see you at our next Forum!


Testimonials from Past Attendees

“Just wanted to let you how much I enjoyed the Forum. Greg Harris was as entertaining as any speaker I've heard, and with inspirational information: Dr. Nunnally has me wanting to immerse myself in implantology.

In general, this Forum gets the "juices" flowing again. In addition you treat all of us like royalty, so, from me, a big Thank You!”

Doyle BowlesFar Off Cows Dental Ceramics

"So what did I think about the Digital Forum? I'm so happy that I had the chance to go to it. I learned more than I ever expected.

The Whip Mix staff is like no other - they are warm, passionate and caring people. My hats off to you all!”

David MonteathPearldent Laboratories


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