Now that we are officially 2 months into our distribution of Asiga 3D printers and 6 months since we started testing them, I have had several conversations on the printers. There are a handful of questions that I am getting on a regular basis, so I thought now would be a good time to do a FAQ piece. So without further ado!

1. Where is Asiga from and how long have they been around?

They are an Australian company that started their foray into the 3D printing industry in 2005, then launched their first printer, the PICO 1, in 2011.

 2. What is the largest print platform?

The PRO2 75 has the largest print platform with a print envelope of 5.6” (W)  x 3.1” (D) x 7.8” (H) or 144mm (W) x 81mm (D) x 200mm (H).

3. What is the print speed of the PRO2?

A lot of this is based on material. Technically speaking the printer will print 30mm an hour. To give you a real world scenario we had a customer that did a horizontal print run of 2 full arches articulated, 2 quads articulated, 4 fit checkers and all the dies in 1-hour and 40 minutes.

4. The above example usually leads to what is horizontal printing.

Because the PRO2 75 has a Z height of 7.8 inches, you are able to print multiple stacks. A horizontal print run is just one layer. You can print multiple layers. We have printed up to 4 layers (or stacks), which gave us the ability to print 24 fit checkers and 4 full arches in one print run. Of course that dramatically extends your print time as 3D print times are based on the Z height, not the X and Y axis.

5. What exactly is open material 3D printing?

The Asiga 3D printers will print any suitable material from any resin supplier, however, you will need the Asiga material files from the resin provider. Of course we provide you with material files for all Whip Mix 3D printing resins. Other resin manufacturers that currently have material files for the Asiga 3D printers include Next Dent, Dreve and Detax.

6. What printer consumables do I need to be aware of?

Of course the material you are printing, but also the trays that hold the resin. The PRO2 trays come in multiple capacities. Tray life is really based on usage.

  • 1L Capacity - $85.00    
  • 2L Capacity -$130      
  • 5L Capacity - $215        
  • 10L Capacity - $295

Price is per tray. The 2L and 10L trays will be supplied with 2x RFID tags on opposite faces which will allow the user to rotate the tray 180°.

7. Does the computer come with software?

It comes with Composer software that was developed by Asiga. You do not have the ability to do any designing with Composer.

8. How long is the finishing process?

Approximately 15 minutes. The models get removed from the plate and then go through 2 isopropyl alcohol baths and then into a UV curing station that comes with the printer.


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