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Centennial History:  An occasional message as we celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of Whip Mix, 1919 to 2019


As you might imagine, Bourbon Whiskey will have a role to play in 2019. This is especially true given that our founder was...

Whip Mix Insights: After Nearly 100 years, How Does Whip Mix Sustain its Reputation for Quality?

There is a real sense of pride at Whip Mix that is almost palpable. It is the sense that we strive to manufacture things...

A look Back: Holidays at Whip Mix

Many companies hold a group lunch or dinner during the holiday season and Whip Mix is no exception. Reflecting back over 50...

Team Member Spotlight: Reflections on 48 Years at Whip Mix

Sharon Young was a graduate of Western High School in May, 1969. But instead of planning a summer trip to the Woodstock...

My Wish For You in the Coming New Year

As the year 2016 comes to a close, I have a short holiday story to share with you.

Moving The Dental World from 100 Pound Drums of Powder To 50 Gram Preweighed Pouches

In 1907, a dozen years before Whip Mix was incorporated, Dr. William Taggart, a Chicago dentist, patented a process and...

George Washington’s Teeth Were Not Made of Wood

Happy 4th of July all. As we head into the holiday weekend and start the celebration of the Red, White and Blue and the...

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