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3 Common Pitfalls When Investing Casting Rings & How to Avoid Them

Whether you are going ringless or using a metal ring with a liner, it's important to prepare the casting ring correctly to...

INVESTMENTS – The Ratio Thing


Even in this digital-inluenced world, many technicians still use dental investments for pressing and other processes -...

3 Common Things to Check If Your Xcavator Is Not Divesting Properly

The most common call I receive regarding the Xcavator is that the ring did not divest properly. There are several things...

4 Tips For Achieving A Successful Casting

In today’s world of dentistry, everyone is buzzing about the many benefits of digital dentistry and the bright future in...

What's with my bowl? When to replace worn out mixing bowls

It’s happened again! A well-seasoned technician finally called after exhausting all of his thoughts and considerations on...

Combatting Air Bubbles in Dental Ceramics

The goal with any restoration is to simulate natural dentition as much as possible. Restorations that contain air bubbles...


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