Recently a technician needed a little advice on investing. He had a ratio of liquid, water and powder that was working for him, but he wanted to go to a smaller ring and keep the same ratio… Question; What is the MATH that gets me there???

Before we answer that question, you should know that the AQUASPENSE from Whip mix does that math automatically. Just place a different amount of powder in the bowl and it figures the math to correct for the new powder weight… (I’m just sayin').

OK…so here is what you would do. Let’s say you have a 200 gram ring and you want to go to a 100 gram ring (ok, wizards I know that you can just cut it in half… but let’s do the equation.)

You are using a dental investment ratio of 36ml special liquid and 8ml water for your 200 grams powder.


36ml Special Liquid divided by 200 grams = 0.18ml per gram of powder

8ml Water divided by 200 grams = 0.04ml per gram of powder

Now multiply these per gram values by the new weight of powder (100 grams)

100 x 0.18 = 18ml Special Liquid

100 x 0.04 = 4ml Water

There you go. You are now a Dental Technical Math Wizard!

Or you could just get an AQUASPENSE and not worry about this stuff!


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