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Understanding the PTC 3Shape Training App

“I am interested in going digital and want to integrate a 3Shape scanner into our lab’s work flow, but what training can you...

3Shape Quick Tip: How to add a Dentist/Dental Office

When purchasing a 3Shape Dental system it's very important to keep organized. If you are not careful your system can start...

3Shape Quick Tip: How to Ease into Dental Manager 2015

As we all know change is a very scary topic to encounter especially when it affects the work flow of your business. When...

CAD/CAM Technology: Purchase for What You Use, Outsource the Rest

With so many options in the digital technology market today, it can be confusing for the small dental lab or practice owner...

7 Requirements for a Dental Scanner and Mill Set-up

In today's digital world our expectations have been elevated by the fact that many of our everyday, household technologies,...

Digital Technology: What We Can Imagine vs. What Is Possible

Walt Disney formed an interesting group of people many years ago and called them “Imagineers”; a name which in itself was a...

Choosing a 3Shape Scanner for Your Dental Lab [Updated]

Digital technology within the dental industry is changing and improving rapidly. We have most recently seen this with the...


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