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8 Frequently Asked Questions About  Asiga 3D Printers

Now that we are officially 2 months into our distribution of Asiga 3D printers and 6 months since we started testing them, I...

Understanding Open Source 3D Printing

The dental lab industry is very aware of open versus closed systems when it comes to scanners and milling systems, but did...

Will Whip Mix Print Your Implant Models? [Flowchart]

As the use of intraoral scanners have increased, so has the demand for 3D printed implant models. We have been receiving a...

Dental Insights: The Future Is 3D Printing

As many of you know I have a passion for 3D printing. I truly believe that Scott Crump, the founder of Stratasys, was...

Understanding 3D Printing: What Dental Professionals Need to Know

With Lab Day Chicago 2016 coming to an end, my colleagues and I noticed the newest trend taking over in the dental lab...

3 Model Printing Tips To Ensure Faster Turnaround

According to LMT magazines Answer issue, 8 percent of 1 person labs can accept digital impressions, 29 percent of 2 to 5...

ProJet 1200 Materials: FTX Green vs. FTX Cast [In 150 Words]

At the end of last year, 3D Systems introduced a new material for use with the ProJet 1200, VisiJet FTX Cast. This new...


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