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Designing The Screw-Retained Prosthesis [Webinar]

The dental laboratory’s ability to mill restorations in 5-axis tabletop mills has enabled almost any lab to provide their...

3Shape Remote Design - Can i Do it?

“Can I setup remote CAD design stations for remote employees?”  I have been getting this question from some of our 3Shape...

How to Protect Your Dental Lab’s CAD/CAM Workstations from Viruses

Almost every day there are new threats appearing on the internet and it can seem like an impossible task to keep your...

Will Whip Mix Print Your Implant Models? [Flowchart]

As the use of intraoral scanners have increased, so has the demand for 3D printed implant models. We have been receiving a...

What Every Dental Lab Needs to Know about The Windows 10 Update and Your Dental CAD/CAM System

As many of you may know, Microsoft released the latest version of the Windows operating system last July. Unlike previous...

Open but Not Equal: Understanding the STL File Format

In today’s world of dental technology, we often see that one of the biggest selling points for CAD/CAM systems is that they...

Keep Up With Computer Technology in Your Dental Lab

As we all probably know, computer technology changes in the blink of an eye. In the year 2000 we broke the 1 GHz barrier on...


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