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What's with my bowl? When to replace worn out mixing bowls

It’s happened again! A well-seasoned technician finally called after exhausting all of his thoughts and considerations on...

What's In A Name? Understanding Today's Dental Technician

Juliet: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

CAD/CAM Technology: Purchase for What You Use, Outsource the Rest

With so many options in the digital technology market today, it can be confusing for the small dental lab or practice owner...

The Do's & Don'ts of Phosphate Investments

As dental technicians we become familiar and comfortable with routine and processes. When something goes wrong, we then...

Digital Technology: What We Can Imagine vs. What Is Possible

Walt Disney formed an interesting group of people many years ago and called them “Imagineers”; a name which in itself was a...

Functional Occlusion in the Dental Lab: Understanding the 3 Classes of Occlusion

Occlusion is defined as making contact with the surface of an opposing tooth when the jaws are closed. As dental...


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