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Pro-Active or Re-Active: Sense Press Technology in the ProPress SP

Pressed ceramics and their accompanying furnaces have now been around for 25 years. Some of the furnaces used to create the...

So I have a printed crown pattern, now what?

Burnout patterns for casting or pressing are becoming more and more popular as 3D printing grows in the dental laboratory....

Are All Zirconia Discs the Same?

Did you know that there were over 50 zirconia disc providers at this year’s LMT Lab Day? That gives dental labs a host of...

The Easy Pour & Articulation Technique for the MainStay Articulator

While most articulators are designed to replicate the hinge movements of the mandible, they differ greatly in their cost,...

Choosing a Sintering Furnace for Your Dental Lab

Differences in sintering furnaces are not just based on brand and price. Heating elements, number of programs, heating...

10 Ways to Ensure Lean Pressing

Lean is all about improving the dental lab process. It is about identifying and removing all types of waste and making sure...


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