I am sure the majority of dentists and dental hygienists never imagined that they would be talking to patients about how well they are sleeping. But with the growing link between the airway & bruxism, it's getting hard to ignore.

For dentists and their staff that educate themselves on the impact that sleep can go a long way in helping raise awareness of airway disturbances in their patients. Check out the infographic below  to see why sleep matters and the signs and symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing you and your staff should be looking out for.


Bruxism & Airway-Why Sleep Matters Infographic.png


You don't have to be a dental sleep expert to help your patients. Screening for sleep-disordered breathing can be as easy as asking a few more questions on the patient health form. Knowing if there may be airway restrictions is a critical component when developing your overall treatment plan.


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