As dentists, you want to do the right thing in every case for your patient. Understanding the impact that Sleep Disordered Breathing has on them will help you to know how to help. Given the dangerous effect of low oxygen saturation and the effect it has on the quality of their lives, it is of great importance. Adding this dimension to your practice will not only help your patients, it will also strengthen your relationships with them. 

In social media, you can pick up all kinds of anecdotal testimony about how a simple appliance changed the quality of a person’s life. You have been regularly prescribing bruxing appliances, splints to protect the beautiful restorations you make and treating facial pain.  What is different if it's a sleep appliance?  Nothing.  What do all these appliances have in common?  Everything.

Each one has the task of positioning the jaw or stabilizing it. Knowing the signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing can also be in your wheelhouse, so don’t be afraid to tackle it.  The ADA has recommended that every patient  be screened for airway obstruction.  See the link below in Sleep Review discussing the recommendation.

Here are a few CE programs and clinicians to get you started:

Nierman Practice Management

Sleep Review, ADA Recommendations:

Whip Mix Corporation Webinars 



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