Whip Mix has a lot to be proud of. It’s going strong after 100 years of family leadership, it develops and sells some of the industry’s most iconic and dependable products, and it’s proud to feature the finest customer and technical support available. These things can only happen with the finest people. Help us celebrate the Awesome Women of Whip Mix, without whom, none of it would have been possible.


Meet the women of Whip Mix’s Sales Team!



Cassandra Dombrowski: Northern Territory Sales Manager

Cassandra is the newest member of the Whip Mix sales group. She specializes in digital product sales and service as a part of the DTS team.

Cassandra assists labs and dental offices on how to transition into a digital business and/or how to increase and enhance their digital capabilities. Her knowledge of digital products and techniques includes all things scanners, mills, and 3D printers. She is happy to answer any questions that an office or lab may have on going digital. If you know Cassandra, you know that she loves building relationships and making connections with all of the wonderful people in the dental community. She says it’s her favorite part of the role.

Though she has only been with Whip Mix for a little over one year, she is a very reliable and welcome part of the sales team.

Cassandra is passionate about the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and kayaking with her husband, son, and 2 big, goofball dogs. She also enjoys traveling, playing guitar, cooking, and building/refinishing furniture.



Sherri Weatherby pic

Sherri Weatherby: Territory Sales Manager

Sherri Weatherby is a Territory Sales Manager and Customer Advocate at Whip Mix. She focuses on the sales of all things digital, including 3Shape scanners, Roland Mills, Asiga and Whip Mix 3D printers, and Whip Mix materials for them. Sherri grew up with dreams of becoming a dentist. She attended a vocational school her junior and senior years of high school studying Dental Lab Technology in her hometown, Columbus, OH.

It was then that she fell in love with the lab side of the business. After attending Columbus State Community College for Dental Lab Technology and working in a lab during her spare time, she transitioned into sales. She has over 28 years of experience in the dental industry as a lab technician, retail, direct, and manufacturing sales.

Outside of work, Sherri enjoys traveling and making memories with her 3 daughters Emma, Annabelle and Isabelle, and her son Alex. She is passionate about cooking, music, exploring nature and historical sites and both college football and NFL.




Sharon Britt: Technical Sales Associate

Sharon has been at Whip Mix for just shy of 15 years. For many years previously, she was a full time practicing Dental Hygienist. If you have spoken with Sharon, you know she is happiest when she is greeting people from all over the US and Canada as she conducts Whip Mix business. She especially likes to provide her customers with the very best customer service and technical assistance during both her inbound and outbound calls. Sharon enjoys educating and sharing information with labs, dentists, and dental dealers so they can make informed Whip Mix product decisions.

She loves chatting with and inviting customers to Whip Mix Digital Courses and Educational Events. To chat with her or for help, email her at sbritt@whipmix.com.

Sharon and her husband Rick love dining and sharing a little wine or bourbon with their best friends. Her hobbies are playing with her grandchildren, enjoying playing games with the “Bunco Babes”, walking, swimming, and relaxing by reading period romance novels.



Charlie picture

Shirlene "Charlie" O'Russa: Territory Sales Manager

Charlie has been with Whip Mix in her sales position since April of 2007. She presents, provides, and supports Whip Mix products to Universities & the Military. She visits the facilities and often exhibits at educational programs, tradeshows, and meetings where she offers exemplary customer service to her clients.

Much of her time is spent on the education of occlusion products, such a Whip Mix, Hanau, and Denar articulators, facebows, and accessories. While the industry is growing by leaps and bounds in the digital arena, she has networked with many universities to share information on ramping up their digital needs. “This growth is exciting and I enjoy learning all the new applications.

Charlie loves to play golf and travel to faraway places. She enjoys the food, the music, and the cultural experiences.  She also loves music. “I really love my Amazon Echo Show. My new best friend, Alexa, knows everything and provides me with my music on demand.  Yes, I dance in the kitchen!” ions for 3D printing in all areas of dentistry & medicine.”




Ravage Stryczny: Territory Sales Manager

As a twenty-five year experienced Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH) I have had the opportunity to use my skills both in practice and academia. My passion for the dental field has its roots grounded in my early experience as both a student and practicing RDH. Through these experiences, I have been able to develop a keen sense of the patient’s needs and I have developed the ability to communicate effectively as a liaison for patient/dentist/practice relationships. This, in turn, provided for a much better overall experience for all involved during dental procedures and ongoing relationships.

I was able to move from a clinical application to the application of knowledge transfer to faculty, students, lab technicians, and dentists. Professionally, the move from clinical to commerce has increased my overall knowledge of our industry and helped me to better understand the challenges of communication transfer from commerce to education. I know that my commitment to the industry and associated experiences, the customers I serve at the various dental schools, and practices that they support have proven to be lessons learned but not forgotten.

Two years ago I decided to challenge myself; to challenge those I contact and to challenge the industry by advancing my education. I enrolled in the University of Bridgeport’s Masters of Dental Hygiene Program. I wanted to push the betterment of healthcare through education and training, both of myself and those I touch in communities and cities across our great nation. I look forward to continuing my journey of dental advocacy and commitment as I complete my master’s degree and fuse my past with the future to further the role of the dental field in many capacities.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, boating, gardening, skiing and hiking.




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