Let’s face it… 2020 was a unique year for all of us. Like many of you, Whip Mix faced many challenging decisions, but we also accomplished a lot of great things and we are entering into 2021 with hope for a better year.

Similar to many businesses, we have quarterly and annual company, team, and individual goals. We all entered 2020 with high hopes of an even better year than 2019 and we were hitting the ground running when Covid-19 struck in March and then continued into April, then May, and so on. This unfortunately it threw a wrench into our goals and caused us to transition. This blog highlights some action steps that we took and that YOU can take if your goals are off track.

  • Reflect first. Before changing any goals, reflect upon what you have already accomplished and what you want to accomplish.
  • Create a new way to accomplish your goals. Think about what new opportunities are available and whether they will they support you in achieving the result you’re looking to attain.
  • Adjust deadlines if you need to. If the goal is still pertinent, adjust the timeline to a realistic date and keep on keeping on.
  • Focus on fewer goals. When things seem tough, it might be best to postpone or let go of goals that are no longer serving you or the larger mission.
  • Do this as soon as you can. Don’t scrap the work you put in this year, but don’t give up. Keep reaching for your dreams as they are still achievable.

We at Whip Mix are here to support and assist you in 2021. We are ready to support all of you in reaching your goals. When you are ready, we are ready.


Drop a comment below and let us know what you want to achieve in 2021.



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