As I sit in my house contemplating the horrible year we have all been experiencing, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to give thanks for the little things we have in life. Family, pets, a home with food on the table, and a couple days off work never hurts either. 2020 has been one rollercoaster of a year for everyone in the world, but I hope everyone takes a little time to think about all the great things you take for granted in life like clean running water, electricity, heat, television, whatever it may be. I hope everyone’s heart is full of hope for a day when things go back to normal, to the way of life we were all so used to.

Some families are having Zoomsgiving, some aren’t even planning to cook a Thanksgiving meal at all and I can understand that. When you can’t share it with the friends and family you all love and cherish in life, it’s just not the same.  This Thanksgiving may be strange for many of us, but be sure to take a moment and find something in your life you are thankful for.

I think it was wise ole pilgrim who once said on Thanksgiving, “Good food. Good meat. Good God, let’s EAT!!”

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!!



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