As a lab or dental office's digital armamentarium increases, we are finding that there are sometimes new, practical and useful pieces that, when added, enhance the growing puzzle. Equipment, software, and consumables are often the first priority, but sometimes other considerations get left out of the decision-making process. In many cases, they can make a big difference in the outcome of our cases. This is where Bellus3D Dental Pro fits in.

Bellus3D Dental Pro is a facial scanning software that brings many benefits to both the dental practice and the lab. Here are some of the key features:

Dental Practice

  • Fast, easy, affordable way to capture patient data. Within minutes, you can capture a 3D facial scan that can be used for smile design, plus 7 2D images to use for reference as needed.
  • Allows for patient approval prior to treatment, which often leads to higher acceptance and less re-work. Upon completion of the smile design, prior to any work, you have the ability to show the patient what the resulting treatment will look like in their 3D image.
  • Bellus3D is portable. Bellus is used with any iPad Pro (without the thumb pad), which allows for easy movement between multiple operatories.

Dental Lab

  • Bellus3D is fully integrated with 3Shape, Exocad, and any other software that accepts .ply, .obj, or .stl file formats.  It puts the patient in the lab, virtually. Use their actual smile and their facial midline in your case design.  Even use the data to accurately design the appropriate size and location of the contact points.


  • Virtual articulation can be done in a matter of minutes. The patient’s teeth (by either intraoral scan or benchtop scan) and their 3D face scan are aligned to determine the horizontal cant, anterior and posterior angle, and front-to-back positioning of the articulator.
  • Lab-Dentist collaboration has been made easier. Patient files can be sent directly through the app to other connected accounts. This allows for easy collaboration between dental practices and labs, but additionally allows for easy transmission to specialists if needed.


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