We all know Dental System Premium 2015 had its fair share of issues, and that is putting it lightly, however 2016 seems pretty stable and has a few new features that can make you more productive. So, if you haven’t upgraded to 2016 yet, here are couple new features that you may find of interest.

Impression Scanning

In the past this module had issues, but they now have it figured out. I had a long conversation with a lab last week that has been using it and they spoke highly of it. If you can eliminate the step of pouring gypsum models you may be able to reduce your crown turnaround time by nearly one day.

Increased Stability

Dental System Premium 2016 has been optimized for robustness and handling of large cases such as implant bridges. It is also now easier to move between teeth and jaws as you design in Smile Composer.

Robust Crown Design

Thanks to new algorithms, they have made it even faster to select smiles from more than 70 Smile Libraries. In addition, strengthened mirroring functionality lets you easily model the anatomical design of a corresponding tooth with perfect symmetry and esthetics.

RealView™ with 2D Overlay

Create beautiful esthetics with 2D design overlays by overlaying dental golden proportions and teeth outlines to guide your design – compatible with the RealView™ Engine.

Improved Design of Multi-Unit Abutments, Implant Bridges

Now you can design using angled multi-unit abutments in Abutment Designer™ and achieve an optimal fit for implant bridges and bars.

RPDs and Full Dentures

Use virtual crowns to guide your framework design and achieve optimal stability and esthetics. You can also apply metal dummies and metal backings by turning the virtual crowns into metal dummies or anatomically reduced teeth completely merged within the framework.

These are a few of the new additions to Dental System Premium 2016 that may help you be more productive and offer your customers more services. As I said in the beginning according to our technical support team  2016 is pretty stable.

Interested in moving your system to Dental System Premium 2016 you can contact either myself or our technical support team.



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